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A Children’s Author-Illustrator, Storyteller, Journalist & Publisher. 
CEO of UK publishing company JNPAQUET Books Ltd & media company JNPAQUET Media Ltd.

J.N. PAQUET is a children’s author-illustrator, storyteller, and journalist who lived in France, Brazil and Britain. Father of three trilingual children, he has written over 50 children’s books – translated into over 15 languages – including the highly acclaimed bilingual children’s books series “The Book of The Animals” and “The T-RRIBLE”.


Through his books, he aims to promote literacy and bilingualism around the world, promote fun-learning as a positive attitude towards reading and provide inspiration for the next generation of young readers and writers.


Three times Award-nominated author (Runner-up) at the “Brazilian International Press Awards UK” for Best Literature, 2012/2013/2014.


Also an experienced journalist, he has been covering France, Brazil, and Britain’s Current Affairs for over two decades, and other topics such as New technologies, Health, Transports, Travels, Parenting, Education and Cultural News. He has been writing articles and op-eds for several newspapers and magazines, such as 文創Life Magazine in Taiwan, and online on various websites and blogs, including BuzzFeed, CNN, Digital Journal, Medium, and The Huffington Post.


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- Follow him on Twitter: @jnpaquet_Kids


J.N. PAQUET is a member of various organisations: the Committee of Concerned Journalists (CCJ), the Society for Storytelling (SFS), the National Centre for Language and Literacy (NCLL) the National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE), the American Library Association as a supporter (ALA) and the National Union of Journalists (NUJ).



"ABRIR UK is very proud to support J.N. PAQUET's bilingual series 'The Book of the Animals'. We see in the series another means for the children to have both their languages recognized and valued. Both parents can read the same stories with the children and thus enjoy the great experience of participating in their children's literacy development. Reading together and being able to speak their own languages with their children is also a wonderful opportunity to strengthen parents-chidren's emotional links."

Recent Events

North Kensington Library


Lovely storytelling event at North Kensington Library, London. It was a great occasion for the children to discover J.N. PAQUET's newest children's book "Silly Santa!" and give him some precious feedback...

Check out the Gallery!

Kensington Central Library


J.N. PAQUET's last public storytelling took place last Thursday, at Kensington Central Library, London. The children's author is not going to attend any more public events for the next 5 years, at least, so that he can focus on writing and illustrating many new children's books for his little readers. 

Dr Ana Souza, Institute of Education, University of London, Founder of ABRIR UK.


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