Isabelle Blake was born in Dijon, in France's region of Burgundy, in 1973. She moved to the UK in 1995 and currently works in Customer services for Eurostar International, in London.

She travelled twice to Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, Belarus, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Hong Kong, and even did the Trans-Siberian Railway. When she travels, Isabelle prefers one-to-one connections to understand people and experience the world around her and discover different cultures.


Isabelle Blake



I have done a lot of backpacking across Europe, I have been twice to NepalBhutan a secluded Himalayan country, Peru, but the most amazing trip was on the Trans-Siberian Railway in 2004. It really changed me. I have learnt a lot about people and about myself.


I love challenges, I want to go to my limits, I want to understand and experience the world around me, the different cultures, and now I am eager tho share my experiences with others.


One to one connection is better to understand each other, maybe it is the best way for a world peace, it is well-known that the most famous dictators were the worst travellers.


I hope that this website and my books inspire others to follow their dreams too! Travel, discover the world and take photographs… this is what I really like!


My motto is “It is far more better to have seen it once than to have heard about it a thousand time.” (Mongolian saying)


Isabelle Blake

She first started compiling her travel photos on a global travel community website in 2005 and since had over 3.2 million people to see her pictures, visit her website and read her books. Isabelle Blake is an inspiring travel photographer because she follows her dreams.